Penicillin is the cocktail bar brand of bEAuTy Food Academy. A place where both most exigent cocktail purist and newcomers can enjoy wonderful drinks and discover new flavours.

Ours, like Penicllin, is a discovery made by accident. By chance, we happen to be located in Dr. Trueta Street. We thought that we could create a whole new cocktails concept based on that. We realized that every drink can have its digestive, stimulating or relaxing properties. We knew from the start that everyone would enjoy a good talk with your barman, or with your friends, when sipping a fantastic cocktail. Our intuition made us think that there was nothing better than discovering new things (or re-discovering old ones), having fun, getting mad...


We want you to feel at home, but also to be surprised, entertained... We want to create little and unique pieces of art that anyone can enjoy. We want to keep you healthy, and at the same time we want you to be amused. We want you to experience every cocktail and your visit at Penicillin with your five senses. We are offering you an experience. Everything matters: from the decoration of the place to the garnish of your cocktail going through the music, not forgetting one thing, that is, making the best cocktails in the world.

We discovered Penicillin, and we keep discovering new things every day!

Our signature cocktails


Dr. Trueta 194, 08005

+34 602 48 93 23   +34 685 735 753

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